Day 8: I really underestimated my burnout

Dear Reader,

Hope you had a beautiful day.

Mine started well despite the fact that I was a little bit tired. But it got worse and worse.

I’m so tired that I don’t even remember if I already told you about it but one of my colleagues does not have the best behavior and is always putting his own stress on other people shoulders. Before my incapacity of work I started to become very aggressive with him. It was not really made on purpose but my answers to his behaviors and some things he said became more and more straight, sometimes a little too much in my opinion… Then, I often had to find an excuse to go back to my office before the end of the lunch break because I couldn’t stand the way he behaved.

Anyway, yesterday he has restarted and today was even worse. Thank God I was not alone with him so I managed to stay calm. But while driving home I had a kind of panic attack because of which I had to stop the car twice as I didn’t want to be a danger neither for others nor for myself.

It made me realize how I was underestimating my burnout till today and that I shouldn’t have go back to work so soon. I’m feeling so tired and depressed tonight. The worst part of it is that tomorrow I’ll be alone with him at the office.

I have no idea of how I’m gonna deal with it but I’ll have to.

The weekend is almost there…


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