Day 7: When stress comes back and some good new habits

Dear Reader,

The euphoria of seeing my colleagues again during my first days back to work is already leaving me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy to see them, it’s just not as intense as it was.

On the other hand, I starting to face the same exact source of stress I used to face before my 4-week incapacity for work. For instance, I kind of absorb my colleagues’ stress, we have every single day technicals problems (which I won’t describe as I’m not ready to share my identity yet), and we also really are understaffed which make us face a pile of files growing every day.  I have to admit it stressed me out during several hours today, but I ended up letting it go. My colleagues and I can not fix this company’s problems as long as the management team won’t be willing to do so.

Good news are that I am trying to take more breaks during the day, just a few minutes to take a breath, to stretch a little bit, or have a cup of coffee (ok, coffee is not that good for an over stressed person, but the social thing around it makes me feel amazing lol). I also try to make better choices for breakfast (which used to be THE bad meal of my day) and before to eat breakfast, I drink a homemade fresh juice to start the day with a whole lot of vitamins.

I think that improving my eating habits can help me with stress and depression. If that’s not the case, at least I will eat my fruits and veggies  ( Let’s stay positive!)

I must also find a way to finally get rid of those sleeping problems… today was only my 3rd day back to work and I already feel so tired and still not ready to sleep. Everything just keeps on hitting my mind: what’s happening at work, ideas of business, ideas on new things I should learn, what people say or do which hurt me,… it sometimes seems so difficult to get rid of those thoughts. Sometimes meditation or prayer help, sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyway, even if that article does not sound as good as I’d like, let me tell you this:  I am a fighter, I’m gonna learn how to deal with stress, and I’m gonna reach all my goals, one by one.

Even if I still have many things to improve in my life, I already have learned a very important thing, which is being patient!

Talk to you tomorrow 😉





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