Day 5: A surprisingly good day

Dear Reader,

I was so overstressed yesterday when I got to bed because of my return to work today. Waking up was not easy neither. But I made it!

I was actually the first person to arrive at the office today, and I was super happy to see my colleagues when they finally arrived. All of them had kind words which made me feel good. We had the time to really catch-up during lunch time.

Then, I had the opportunity to meet that amazing shining bright woman who’s going through cancer. That person, despite what she is going through, found a new purpose and is working towards it. Can you believe it?! What an amazing source of inspiration!

We talked about the importance of having a purpose, working towards it, and staying positive. We shared a little bit about our respective journeys, and without even noticing it we spend more than an hour together.

Today was definitely a good day, and I am very grateful for it!

That’s already it for today Dear Reader. I have to watch a few lectures about happiness before going to bed.

Please, leave a comment in the section below if you want to share something about your day too!

Talk to you tomorrow 🙂



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