Day 4: A definition of happiness

Dear Reader,

During a lecture, we were asked what was our definition of happiness. As we have to meet certain criteria, I paused the video in order to give you the most genuine definition of happiness I could.

In my opinion, happiness is being able to keep a certain level of inner peace no matter what. It’s having a purpose and working towards it to my own pace. It’s also feeling useful, and sharing pure moments of joy, and love with people. It’s feeling safe at any level, being at peace with your past, and confident in your future.

As you know, I am going through a burnout, so I have to ask myself what would be happiness in the workplace?

First of all, I would probably say having a sense of freedom. Not feeling like a modern slave. Not having to spend more time working than I have for things that really matter to me: taking care of myself, people that I love, and my environment. Learning, sharing, and discovering the world. It would also be (if I really have to work for someone else *rolling my eyes*) having a boss and managers who trust me, respect the fact that I am a human being, and not a productivity and money making tool, and working in a company who really want me to develop both myself as a person and my skills.

That being said… I’ve always known for a fact that one day I’ll be my own boss, and I will make it happen.

About today

I have to say that I am feeling a little bit better than yesterday. Still not my best day, I am still anxious at the idea of going back to work tomorrow, but I have decided I won’t let it ruin that beautiful sunny Sunday!

So, I am writing you from the middle of a peaceful park, and I am about to go to take a walk before going back home to get my stuffs done for tomorrow.

That’s it on my side for today, but I’d love to hear about you and your definition of happiness in the comments section.

Talk to you tomorrow!




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