Day 3: Making others happy and why today was not my best day

Dear Reader,

Yesterday after posting my article of the day, I started playing with my dog. At that precise point in time, something struck my mind. It may sound obvious but when we are happier, we are actually much more interested in and capable of making others happy. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to think about?

It sadly reminded me of some conversation I had with two of my friends. Both of them have very depressed mothers. And I know myself how it feels to have a depressed person in my family. It actually impacts everyone, even those who say the opposite!

So, I wanted to start this article by sharing about the fact that, without adding any pressure on our shoulders, maybe could we find strength in the love we feel for others, and in the love they give us? Maybe, at least, remembering the smile of one of our beloved can make us smile just for a short, still good, moment?

That being said, today was not the best day for me since “we met”.

Those nightmares again, and the thought of going back to work in two days are haunting me. I tried everything, I tried to work on an assignment for a course I am currently following (one thing that characterizes me is a drive to always want to learn new things), I had a walk with my dog, then I went to my favorite coffee shop to read and see the owners who are super friendly and always make me laugh. Some words in Touré Roberts’ book and the fact to see friendly people helped me to forget about work for a while. But now I’m back home and I am really wondering how to find the strength to go back to work on Monday.

I never thought that the way a company is managed, the stress, and fatigue could hurt me to the point of not being able to work despite the fact that I like my job and my colleagues. It really sounds crazy to me when I think about it. I definitely have to keep on looking for another job and stay as far away as possible from that toxic company.

This is already it for today. Talk to you tomorrow!


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